Vision as I define it has two meanings. Vision is knowing where or what direction you will be heading in your future (i.e. the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be (  This also means vision helps people determine their moral codes and perspective of life. Vision allows me to set goals so that I may achieve a desired outcome; which currently my goal is to complete my DP studies and then further my studies from there.

Vision can also be Prophetic (i.e. an experience in which a personage, thing, or event appears vividly or credibly to the mind, although not actually present, often under the influence of a divine or other agency (

Vision for me tends to be difficult. There is a part of vision that helps one find their path. To some this may seem odd but, I have been drawn to my past (lives) to find my path. The issue that I have is that there is a veil or blockage that prevents me from discovering what I need to learn so that my path goes forward. This alone has made it very apparent to me how important vision is for people. If an aspect of vision is missing a sense of being lost or aspect of self feels like it is missing.


Samhain Record


Location: Home Indoor Altar

Date Celebrated: November 5, 2012

Time: 10 pm

Who Led the Rite: The Green Lion (Solitary)

Grove Name: N/A

Other Ritual Officers: None

Number of Attendees: 1

Gatekeeper: Arwan

Deities: Danu (Earth Mother), Morrigan, and Dagda


I performed a one card draw for the question if my ritual was satisfactory for the gods; the card that was drawn was the Four of Swords. I did find this card appropriate. I was a bit on edge and hyper. The card that I drew was telling me that I need to calm down, quiet myself. I need to work on my meditations more.

Any Magical Workings Done/ Oaths Given/Prayers and Poems

I traditionally have a poem that i say in celebration for my ancestors; I usually read it at least once a year. It is as follows:

We watch the Shadow of the past

with their pains, sarrows, tears and joys

We watch the Shadows of the one’s we’ve lost

with the knowledge that they watch us as we climb wass of thorns

We watch the Shadows of time

with our hearts we shed tears for our loved ones we miss-

not dwelling on the moments of their deaths-

we live our lives knowing we are never alone-

for spirits of our loved ones are always in the Shadows of our lives

Impressions/ Other Comments/ Notes

I think that the ritual went well; I do agree with the omen. I believe that I need to take more time to quiet myself and get more organized. I have had a tendency to let stress and anxiety build up; now that I can let go of those energies I find it difficult to let it all go. I shall be working on this.

Mabon Record


Location: Back yard

Date Celebrated: September 22, 2012

Time: 10 pm

Who Led Rite: The Green Lion (Solitary)

Grove Name: N/A

Other Ritual Officers: None

Number of Attendees: 1

Gatekeeper: Arwan

Dieties:  Danu (Earth Mother), Lleu, Mabon, and Rhiannon


None we taken at this time.

Any Magical Workings Done or Oaths Given

No magical workings were done.

Impressions/ Other Comments/ Notes

The ritual was not as sucessful as the previous; the ritual did not go as it should have. I did not get the same connection that I have previously. During the ritual I was unfortunately interupted; children tend to do so. I would normally invite someone to join me before hand if they are curious, but children tend to break one’s concentration with the numerous questions that they have about what you are doing. I will be planning better for out door celebrations and avoiding possible interuptions (invite children to join but to save questions until the ceremony is done0.

Lughnasadh Record


Location:  Perry Park

Date Celebrated: August 5, 2012

Time: 10am

Who Led the Rite: Solitary

Grove Name: N/A

Other  Ritual Officers: None

Number of Attendees: 1

Gatekeeper: Arwan

Deities: Danu, Lugh, and Tailtiu


I asked if fall would be early this year \using the aid of   tarot cards in two different spreads.

Celtic Cross

1.Present postion: Two of Batons- ruler, Attainment of   Needs

2.Immediate Influences: The Hanged Man- Life in   suspension, , Time of transition, uncertainty

3. Goal or Destiny: Knight of Batons- Journey, unknown territory

4.Distant Past: Queen of Batons- understanding, love

5.Recent Past: Ace of Batons (trees)- creation, new   beginning

6.Future Influences: The Sun- accomplishments, success,   contentment, joy devotion

7. Questioner: Seven Coins- ingenuity, growth, progress,   monetary gain

8. Environmental: Two of Cup- love, friendship,   partnership

9. Inner Emotions: Four of Coins- love of wealth inability   to share, miser

10. Final Results: Eight of Coins (Farmer)- Apprenticeship,   craftsmanship, effort

The first portion of this   reading is an indication of our stagnant summer of heat and drought and other   factors. It also indicates success and growth which I see as the growth of a   year and times changing.  I found this   reading to suggest that it is possible but there was not certain that it truly   related to the question I was asking or just to my impression of the reading   dealing with harvest.

Three Card Spread

1.  Past: Ten of   Coins (two people sitting down to a meal)-Many burdens, excessive pressures,   problems to be resolved

2. Present: Temperance (winged lady mixing waters)-   uniting of abilities and forces, good influences

3. Future: Seven of Batons (apple trees and a man walking   through the wind)- gain, overcoming challenges and obstacles

The interpretation starts the same with hardships of   summer heat and drought, the picture of the card in a manner represents the   harvests. Temperance is mixing the opposites which indicate to me the mixing   of seasons. The reading also indicates that the issues which we have been   having will be overcome.

This is basically the same as the first reading that I   did. Due to the consistency of the readings I interpreted the readings as a   yes to my answer.

Any  Magical   Workings Done or Oaths Given 

No magical workings were done. This was a purely to   celebrate and honor the deities, nature spirits, and ancestors.

Impressions / Other Comments / Notes

Going through the ritual, while I felt a little awkward, I   concentrated on honoring the kindred’s and their sacrifices that I offered   them. This way I knew that they would realize that I was being heartfelt and   true. This way once I asked my question for the omen that they would help guide   the tarot cards for the answer.

During the entire ceremony I felt a calm that continue   throughout and well after. The calm was for me an indication that thing were   going and did go well. It was good to feel the calm; I had not felt a calm   like this for a while due to social and economic strains in which I am sure   many have felt.

While I did feel good about this ceremony, especially   since it was my first, I do want to plan more for the next high day. I would like   to slowly do more each high day so that my offerings are expectable for the kindred.


“Edward R. Murrow stated “to be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful.”

Integrity is the adherence to morals and ethical principles. Growing up the only people to learn about integrity are our families. My Great Grandparents I believe were very honest people; I also realized that my parents did use “white lies” on me and other people. I believe most people do, which seems to be the norm in our society. This makes it at times difficult to be a hundred percent honest.

I find this norm to be a little disturbing. If I want my children to learn that it is better to be honest and others are showing them that “white lies” are okay, it actually goes against what I want them to learn. My partner and I refuse to lie to them and are working on letting them know that just because others lie does not make it right. In fact, at one point in time we were at a gas station a clerk forgot to ring up our fuel and I didn’t realize it until we drove away. Once I did realize I turned around and paid for the fuel.

I want my daughters and myself to work on our moral characters; them learning by watching me and me by making sure I practice what is right.